Who Are The Bands That Sold More Tickets than Metallica in Past 40 Years?

It’s safe to say that Metallica is one of the most successful metal bands of all time.

They’ve sold over 19 million tickets in the last four decades. However, this astounding number still puts them at number six on the list of all time ticket sellers.

Who are the artists that sold more tickets than Metallica?

According to Pollstar, those would be U2, Dave Matthews Band, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band and Elton John.

Metallica is also the top metal band in terms of ticket sales. This puts them far ahead of other popular metal bands like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

Metallica’s hit song “Master of Puppets” has been used in the popular show Stranger Things, and the band has seen a resurgence in popularity because of it. The song was used in the finale of the 4th season, in one of the most epic moments in streaming show history.

Since then, Metallica has seen a huge increase in popularity, with their songs being played on radios all over the world. In fact, the same song has shot to the top of the charts.