First Chart-Eligible NFT Album to be Released by Muse

NFT (non-fungible token) edition of Muse’s ninth studio album, “Will of the People”, will become the first release of its kind to qualify for the charts in the UK and Australia on 26 August. After album streams in 2015, it is the first new format to appear on the charts.

It will be available through the “eco-friendly” NFT platform Serenade, which in February sold official Brit Awards NFTs for £10.

In contrast to many NFTs, this one will not require a crypto wallet from the purchaser. Upon making a purchase on Serenade’s website, the NFT is transferred to a newly-created digital wallet. Users can also use an existing crypto wallet, such as BitCoin or Ethereum.

A few months ago, the Official Charts Company (OCC) made NFT albums eligible for the charts, but this is the first time a vendor, in this case Serenade, has been approved as a chart-return digital retailer.

In total, 1,000 copies of Muse’s NFT will be available worldwide for £20. In both its NFT and limited edition formats, it is relatively sparse. In addition to the downloadable FLAC files of the album, each buyer will have their name permanently listed on the linked roster of purchasers, with a different sleeve. The members of Muse will digitally sign the album and each purchaser will receive a digital signature.