TANKARD Explore The Dark Side of Social Media With “Ex-Fluencer”

TANKARD is releasing their 18th album, “Pavlov’s Dawgs,” on September 30. The album is their debut for the new label Reaper Entertainment.

Even after 40 years, TANKARD is still going strong. Their new single, “Ex-Fluencer,” is now available on all streaming platforms. This song proves that TANKARD is far from being an old hat.

On their new song, TANKARD explores the dark side of social media and the dangers of being an influencer. With “Ex-Fluencer,” the band takes a jab at those who are addicted to social media and the attention that comes with it.

Gerre comments:

“The content of the song is about the dark side of social media madness, in which the protagonist visibly loses herself and drifts into a completely surreal world but fortunately finds her way out again in the end. In my opinion, our guitarist Andi has created one of the coolest riffs on the new album, accompanied by scenes from this year’s Rock Harz Festival with the sensational fans behind, this clip can only mutate into a hit! CLICK OR DIE!”