BRUCE DICKINSON physically removes a fan off the stage at an IRON MAIDEN concert

Bruce Dickinson physically removed a fan from the stage during IRON MAIDEN’s show in Anaheim, California, as evidenced in the video below. 

On September 22, the Honda Center was the scene of the accident during the show’s closing song, “Aces High.” Trying to draw the attention of both Janick Gers and Dickinson, the backward cap-wearing fan dropped to his right knees and flashed the devil’s horns hand gesture, which neither of them seemed thrilled about the stage breach. 

Afterward, Bruce gestured for the fan to leave the stage before grabbing him by the hand and attempting to take him to the back. The fan, however, seemed to have other ideas and walked toward the center of the stage near where bassist Steve Harris stood, at which point he removed his cap and began headbanging furiously.

As a result, Dickinson grabbed him by the back of his shirt and forcibly dragged him backstage, where the stage security escorted him off.

In the past, Dickinson has been known for outbursts directed at both fans and security at MAIDEN concerts when he felt they were acting unprofessionally. During the band’s Athens concert in July, the singer described a fan who lit a flare as a “Greek cunt” and a “fucking cocksucker.”